Climate in Budapest

The climate of Budapest is continental although recently it had mediterranean characteristics. Probably it is getting milder because of the global warming that is changing the weather features in most countries all over the world. The seasons are characterized by typical temperature and whether conditions. Spring (March, April, May): it is said that during the Spring Budapest seems to be a huge garden with all kinds of flowers.The temperature are between 5° and 18°. In march the weather is more cloudy and windy instead, in April and March the sun began to shine harder. Rain is always in ambush so don’t miss at home your umbrella! Typically rain is more common in March even if during the last years there were more sunny days. Summer (June, July, August): Usually in Summer a lot of ice-creams and cool beers are consumed! The temperatures are between 15° and 35°. Heavy showers are quite common. Autumn (September, October and November): During this period budapest shows its gloomy beautiful. The temperatures are between 4° and 20° and it could be windy at the end of the season. The sun is feeble and the rain it is more common at the end of October and in November. there are lot of sunny days in September but then when the trees becomes to lose their leaves it is sign that cold is coming. Winter (December, January, February): This time is good for touring Budapest, because the capital city is shiny and wonderful, the smells of the Christmas fair spread everywhere. The city center is plenty of roast chestnuts and hot wine sellers. The temperature are between -15° and 5°. Even if the sun is shiny the air remains cold. The first half of December is characterized by rainy days that after could become occasionally snow. Put in your luggage hat and scarf. The total amount of sunny days exceeds the 2000 hours per year, and it is one of the highest means in the European Country. From April since September the sun is shining for 10 hours per day and this is certainly the better period to visit the city!