Budapest is safe

Budapest is very safe despite recent migration events. Our services operate as usual. Only a very small part of Budapest is affected.

International media have depicted quite a bad image about Hungary. In reality, the problem is much smaller. The only aspects of tourism that have been affected are:

  • the area around Keleti railway station, which is only a small tiny portion of the capital
  • some trains have been cancelled
  • occasional traffic jams on the highway towards Vienna.

No violence has been witnessed. Budapest remains a very safe travel destination.

Our Budapest-Vienna private transfers have not been cancelled. On occasions when the border was temporarily closed, we took alternative routes.

Visitors' only concern should be to not entirely depend on trains and have a backup plan, in case the train is cancelled.

Should you decide to reserve a private transfer with Lovely Budapest, we will make sure you received the best service available. We normally accept cancellations for free up to 48 hours before the tour, but we'll be more flexible for the months to come and we'll contact our clients before the deadline to see if they really need the transfer.